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If you have reference dealing with Elk County and would be willing to do lookups for others, please let us know! Send an e-mail to Shirley

When asking for a lookup, please provide as much information as possible, giving full names and dates if possible. Be sure to include which reference you are referring to when sending in your request and put the words "Elk County Lookup" in your subject line. Please do not send in a blanket request, for example: looking for all of the Jones in Elk County-we are volunteers, not paid researchers! Your request should be limited to one name per request and please be sure to thank the volunteer for their time!

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Vol 1-Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County, PA John H. Scott, III
Vol 2-Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County, PA John H. Scott, III
1860 Census-St Marys  
1870 Census-St Marys  
1880 Census-St Marys  
1900 Census-St Marys  
1910 Census-St Marys  
1920 Census-St Marys  
Death Records before 1907  
Marriages before 1917  
A History of Elk County
Alice L. Wessman, 1982, reprint 1991
John H. Scott, III
A History of Johnsonburg: 1810-1985
Alice L. Wessman, 1985
John H. Scott, III
Records of Elkton Presbyterian Church, Dagus Mines, Fox Township Sherry Jesberger
contact sherry
Corbe Funeral Home Records, Kersey, Fox Townsip, 1951-1978 Sherry Jesberger
contact sherry
History of the Counties, McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter, Pennsylvania
J.H. Beers & Co., 1890
Pam Patton

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